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Agroinnova Quality

Associated with our name from the start

calidad Agroinnova

High-quality potatoes

Quality is superiority or excellence in something. Potatoes have features that make it possible to characterise them and rate them with regard to other potatoes. At our company, we take care to achieve excellence for our consumers, looking after the product from when it is being cultivated on the land to when it is finally purchased.

The potato is one of the basic foods in our diet, as it is an important source of nutrients and is recommended for everyone.

Agroinnova has been present in the market since 1992 under the brand Las Patatas del Abuelo® and now under Las Patatas de la Huerta® as well.

Management policy

Pioneers in segmentation

Pioneers in Spain in segmentation, we offer different potato varieties according to their culinary uses: frying, boiling, stewing, side dishes and microwave steaming – because we want potatoes to be crispy when fried, tender when boiled or ready quickly in the microwave, without losing one ounce of their quality.

For a potato to arrive on the market with a specific culinary specialisation, it must undergo a series of tests: quality, culinary use, fryability, etc. as well as other tests such as on texture and colour. If the results are optimal, we are guaranteed that this is the right variety.