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Quality links us together

Las Patatas del Abuelo logo

Las Patatas del Abuelo®

Las Patatas del Abuelo® are a benchmark in the world of segmented fresh potatoes, a clear commitment to quality that brings together artisanal methods and a solid technological foundation to rediscover the real flavour of the potato. VIEW ONLINE

Las Patatas de la Huerta®

Las Patatas de la Huerta® are potatoes of excellent quality that are washed and subjected to strict quality controls.

Our packs of potatoes for frying, boiling and red potatoes are presented in convenient 2-kg bags, as well as salad potatoes in 1-kg bags and special microwaveable potatoes in 400-g bags. VIEW ONLINE

Patata Todo Uso®

Agroinnova’s Patata Todo Uso® are potatoes completely natural, washed, suitable for any culinary use and subjected to strict quality controls.

Available in three different pack formats: 2 kg, 3 kg and 5 kg.