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Agroinnova Innovation

Growing with you, innovating for you

innovación Agroinnova

Families change, and so do we

Innovation means something new. This phenomenon has a significant social and economic impact.

At Agroinnova, we were born with the firm intention of revolutionising the agri-food industry, innovating along each and every one of the links in our chain. We adapt to the changes in families and consumer habits, modifying the way our potatoes are presented and helping to create new potato varieties.

Microwave-steamed potatoes an example of innovation based on the way they are presented, in a smaller package size, as well as on their quick cooking time and the variety we use, chosen especially for this culinary use. We were pioneers in steaming with microwave technology, having developed specific packaging and varieties suited to this purpose.

We are committed to R&D&I

In order for this to be possible, we have an R&D&I department formed by a wonderful team of human resources who are equipped with the latest technology.

I+D+I Agroinnova
A significant investment to research different potato varieties; to select the seeds and check their behaviour in our test fields, subjecting the potatoes to particular soil and weather conditions; to achieve a segmentation where consumers can differentiate the varieties based on their taste, shape, smell, texture...